Useful Links

Search Engines

  • Google - An Extremely Fast search engine.
  • Yahoo - Popular web search database and Portal.
  • Alta Vista - An excellent search engine.

Software Archives

  • DownLoad.Com You Should find some useful software here.

  • iD Software You should be able to find DOOM here, along with info on their other games.

  • WinSite, the self-proclaimed largest Windows software site on the Net.
    Almost everything you would ever need for Windows is here.
    This used to be called the CICA archive.

  • TUCOWS The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software.
    You use a Winsock to surf the Net from within Windows.

  • Walnut Creek Archive. The site that has almost everything.
    Mirrors most of the major archives on the net.
    Also sold their archives on CD-ROM.

  • Yahoo Software Archive Listing. Has many specialized archives.
    Some of the stuff on the archives listed there is available nowhere else.

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